Other Products May FAIL !!

 Renew and protect your investments

~~Proper surface preparation is the key to sucsessfull refinishing . We recommend removing the previous finish by stripping the old finish off , then pressure washing to provide the proper surface for applying our recommended WoodCare Professional Series from Boodge Company .

Mold or Mildew ?

~~Mildew is a type of mold. Molds are a part of the Kingdom Fungi and evolved over 400 million years ago . This Kingdom is divided into yeasts, mushrooms and molds. Mildew refers to certain kinds of mold or fungus. Thus giving the weathered-gray or black stains on your Deck or Fence . Remember lumber is an organic material, and In situations with adequate moisture, mold can become established on wood.

Renew that ugly fence ! Your neighbors will love you :-)

We will apply a wood cleaner brightener  ( safe for grass and plants) then pressure wash. This process will remove most of the discoloration off your fence. Then we recommend applying BOODGE Log, Siding, & Deck OIL for beatification and protection from the elements. 

~~Traditionally, manufacturers of wood protection products (especially ones with the word "seal" in the name!) believe that the ideal way to protect wood was to cover dead and dried wood with an extremely hard and resistant coating (paint) in order to seal out the elements and make it weatherproof. The Boodge Company, however, has found that wood lasts longer and retains its natural beauty when you treat it with products that replace natural moisture as if it were still living and that natural wood should be kept moisturized in order to keep it looking beautiful.