Traditionally, manufacturers of wood protection products (especially ones with the word "seal" in the name!) believe that the ideal way to protect wood was to cover dead and dried wood with an extremely hard and resistant coating (paint) in order to seal out the elements and make it weatherproof. The Boodge Company, however, has found that wood lasts longer and retains its natural beauty when you treat it with products that replace natural moisture as if it were still living and that natural wood should be kept moisturized in order to keep it looking beautiful.

The WoodCare Professional Series from Boodge Company contains an essentially non-drying oil that migrates into wood cells through capillary action-just like water does, then couples the oil with UV blocking pigments and drying resins that form a surface barrier that both traps the oil in the wood, and helps keep damaging water out of the wood. As the WoodCare Professional Series oils soak in, they minimize the destructive effects of the expansion and contraction of wood that result from weathering.

Because Boodge products are truly deep penetrating, and do not form a hard-drying surface coating, you can easily maintain a natural wood appearance through subsequent applications. And unlike mineral or linseed oils,

Boodge products are extremely mold and mildew resistant and will not turn black!

The Boodge Company was founded in 1997 and makes their home in Arvada, Colorado.